Why I think ‘The Dreaming’ rocks.

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August 14th of 2012, Los Angeles’ own The Dreaming came to town. In January of this same year, I was fortunate enough to share the stage with these talented guys. They came to Pop’s Nightclub in Sauget, Illinois on a Monday night then. This time around, they performed at The Old Rock House on a Tuesday night. They are all genuinely down to earth people before and after the show. Who are The Dreaming? One may ask. Allow me to explain their importance.

Lead vocalist Christopher Hall and percussionist Johnny Haro are known from the group that was formerly known as Stabbing Westward. The Dreaming also consists of guitarist Rich Jazmin from Kerli and Martin Kelly from Living Dead Lights on the bass guitar. These guys have been touring hard and building up a new hardcore following of their own alongside of the success of their first major label release “Puppet“. They previously released their first studio album “Etched In Blood” in 2007. Below is a video of their song “Breathing” that was recorded by Martin Kelly and Christopher Hall on the Apple I-Phone during the 2012 “End In Tears” summer tour. They do have a more recent and costly video they have done, but I want you to see the simplicity and effectiveness of the following video.

Not only does the band take you back to the “Darkest Days” era of Stabbing Westward, but they also present you with an onslaught of all new music that is a delicate and sophisticated blend of rock. Dark-wave meets new-wave, metal meets alternative-rock and electronica. Why, Christopher Hall even breaks out an acoustic guitar on a song. The production value of the show is excellent too, I must add. Precisely synchronized with their music, they bring a rock show that is also similar to the likes of 30 Seconds To Mars, My Chemical Romance and The Birthday Massacre.

Key songs that they performed off their album were “Hole“, “Breathing“, “There Will Be Blood” and “Every Trace“. Not to mention, classic Stabbing Westward songs they played like “Save Yourself” and “Sometimes It Hurts“. It was on the latter song just mentioned that Christopher played the first half of the song acoustic, meanwhile the band built the progression up after the first verse and such. I encourage you to judge them for yourselves. Look at the pictures below, take the time to check them out online and they do have a song or two for download on their Facebook fan page. Sign up for an alert there for the next time they come to town via email. Then, when you see me at their next show in Saint Louis you can come and thank me.

(Look for this post to be published on the St. Louis Music Press in fall of 2013.)

Rock U Fest 2012

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The second annual Rock U Fest, also known as Rock University Festival, took place on Saturday, July 28, 2012 at Atomic Cowboy in St. LouisThe event hosted three stages of rock simultaneously from 2:00 pm to 2:00 am. It was put together by a group of friends to promote unity in the St. Louis rock scene. Some thirty-five plus acts performed that  day. The charity that was chosen to help promote and support was Play It Forward.  P.I.F. fills a gap in the schools of our city by providing teachers with much needed instruments to facilitate their classrooms and programs. Click HERE for my review of it and video slide shows of pictures documenting the event. Below are free downloads by some of the artists that performed.

Battle For Rockstar Mayhem at Fubar

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Archfront Media put together a couple of big metal shows for bands to battle it out for two spots on the Sumerian Records stage at this year’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. One lucky band from each show would get a spot on the side stage and be exposed to a larger audience. I attended the first battle and met a new friend by the name of Chris Bauer. Note his watermark in some of the the pictures in the below video. The pictures without his logo are mine. My friend Ricky Sherman went to the second battle and took photo highlights from that show. Click HERE for the full article on the St. Louis Music Press.

Part One was on Saturday, June 30, 2012 and Part Two was on Friday, July 6, 2012, at Fubar .

Alice Sweet Alice

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My friends from Kansas City, Alice Sweet Alice were planning on stopping through St. Louis and asked me if Ockum’s Razor wanted to do a show with them. So, we did this past April and it was a good night of music, plus Fer De Lance was there and kicked off the show with style. Our friend Typewriter Tim was in rare form and did some dj sets in between acts and also played some djembe on a couple O.R. songs. We got some great feedback on the new music that night from those who were there before the show began, as we had a intimate listening party for those in attendance that night. If you like, you can download this track from the STLMU Music Blog HERE, it was the 100th post. So, I was kind of proud of that! I’ve been real busy keeping the balance of things and I didn’t forget about the blog here, just been focusing on other things more. Thanks for the interest here, can’t wait to play with ASA in Kansas City down the road!


Chevy Music Showcase Launch Party

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I went to the Chevy Music Showcase launch party at Atomic Cowboy and in case you missed it and or haven’t heard about it, HERE is a post that I put together for the STL Music Press.

Arythma at Fubar

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Ockum’s Razor shared the stage with Arythma again, it had been awhile, this is some audio that I put with a snippet of their track “So Sick” that was also recently on the STLMU Music Blog. This show was a benefit for Stray Rescue. Check it:

Redlight King

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I had initially had taken pictures of Redlight King on Monday, August 15th at Pop’s Nightclub & Concert Venue. I planned to have my review posted in the STL Music Press site, but things were pretty busy on all fronts. I recently went through all of my emails, as my gmail was about full. So, there was not a way to find my actual review I wrote up for them, but it was good! Anyway, here is the pictures that I liked the best. The local act on the bill was the Midwest Avengers and their portion of the review was published on the STL Music Press in promotion of Rock U Fest 2011. Enjoy.

The Rat Rod Kings

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The St. Louis Music Press site is being revamped and changes are happening there. So, these are just some pictures that I took of The Rat Rod Kings at The Crack Fox from this past fall. I have been making good use of my time off there adding to the STLMU music blog and running the Ockum’s Razor machine. Eat your heart out Tony! These are for you and your band mates. KDHX recorded them doing a live set there this fall too, here is the playlist and below are the pictures.

Revence with Panic Attack, Bound and Ladymoon at Ciceros, July 29, 2011

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This was a show review that I went to do for a full-show feature on the STL Music Press and also to highlight Revence as a Rock U Fest 2011 artist also. I have posted the highlight article on Revence, but HERE is the full show review recently published in the archives.

Rock U Fest 2011 is wrapped up!

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My last two articles that I wrote for the STL Music Press in promotion of the first annual Rock U Fest event that took place on Sat., Sept. 24th at Atomic Cowboy are as follows:

Review of Sicfaist‘s latest release “The Road Unknown

Review of Panic Attack‘s latest release “Deathpop

*For a complete listing of all the interviews that I did and that Angie did for the event, visit this link HERE.

*For a highlight feature on the Acoustic / Electronic stage, click HERE, for the highlight feature on the Foxhole stage, click HERE & for a highlight feature on the Main / Outdoor Stage, visit HERE. Kudos to Ricky for photographing 30 out of 39 acts in a 12 hr. period. Each feature also includes the playlist from Sound Cloud on each artist that submitted music. You can stream/download tracks there or you can download the compilation HERE .

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