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People keep asking, so here is what’s up with me, as of right now.

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     God is changing me. My desires are changing. I’m not going into it in depth and I just want my friends to know that as of last year Ockum’s Razor is more than likely done for good. We had a good run. All of the music is set to free download. Since the winter of last year into this year, I have been able to devote more time to STLMU and Rock U Fest since I have more free time. Honestly, I don’t know if I want to continue doing music in the same fashion that I have. I have been making good on the things that I have dedicated time to, but I need help with some stuff in order for it to advance. Otherwise, I cannot guarantee that I will continue having the drive to do what it is that I have been trying to accomplish. I’m not giving up or quitting, I just don’t have any more to give and it seems that very few people truly care enough to help. Some of the friends that I thought were good friends didn’t turn out to be as understanding or as real as I thought they were. I don’t owe anyone an explanation, but my personal friends keep asking me what is going on and I figure this post is a good way to explain things, in general.

     My friend Greg and I had been working on some good recordings just for posterity of music that we used to write and perform years ago in our teens into our early to mid twenties w/ LTG. We are at a stopping point now because of an issue with work that has to be done to his home and it will be chaotic. We plan to pick up in the fall again. We hung out with Jason, our original drummer when we started and he has been talking about getting a kit again and him doing some drum tracks down the road. The songs that are up now on my Soundcloud account are the most completed, so far. We have worked on others, they just don’t have drums, etc. Those are not uploaded. Our mutual friend Dennis had been offering to do drum tracks here and there so far, but we want to try and have one of our original drummers on them. Chad has gotten re-married and his new wife has been with child and such. His time just would not allow for it given the responsibilities he already has. 

     I am still a part of STL Music Press and the editor has slowed down the frequency of posts until the fall. I have been spending more time trying to accomplish some personal goals and writing. Ever since I moved over a couple of years ago, I have been so focused on things going on around me that I haven’t ever really gotten things together on my end and it is just time for me to take inventory from my perspective. I love hearing from my friends and always make time for the ones that make time for me. I haven’t always been the best at keeping up with them for various reasons, but I’m working on that too. To my friends that I miss, this is for you. Hope all is well. Take care and God bless… Sincerely, C.M.D.




Pictures I snapped at the Ockum’s Razor 10th Anniversary Show.

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On August 18th of 2012, Ockum’s Razor celebrated it’s tenth anniversary at The Old Rock House. Kane from Indio Radio  came out and broadcasted live and that was nice of him and John to do. My buds in Reigning Heir put on a great show and it is always fun to do a concert with them. We go way back. I invited Connibal Road to play the show also. They rocked it too. This was their drummer’s last show. In addition, this was one of the last shows for R.H.’s drummer, as well. Thanks to my friend Shawn for taking the picture of Nicole and I and sharing that with me. Included in the video is a t-shirt we printed for this commerative celebration and the O.R. instrumental “Smooth As Eggs” plays in the back round. The young man in the pictures towards the end of the slideshow is named Eli. He is playing on the djembe. His father is Mike Robards. He had actually helped me put together my first “band” to put on a show and even played some rhythm guitar. Thanks for that, dude.

Rock U Fest 2012

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The second annual Rock U Fest, also known as Rock University Festival, took place on Saturday, July 28, 2012 at Atomic Cowboy in St. LouisThe event hosted three stages of rock simultaneously from 2:00 pm to 2:00 am. It was put together by a group of friends to promote unity in the St. Louis rock scene. Some thirty-five plus acts performed that  day. The charity that was chosen to help promote and support was Play It Forward.  P.I.F. fills a gap in the schools of our city by providing teachers with much needed instruments to facilitate their classrooms and programs. Click HERE for my review of it and video slide shows of pictures documenting the event. Below are free downloads by some of the artists that performed.

Alice Sweet Alice

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My friends from Kansas City, Alice Sweet Alice were planning on stopping through St. Louis and asked me if Ockum’s Razor wanted to do a show with them. So, we did this past April and it was a good night of music, plus Fer De Lance was there and kicked off the show with style. Our friend Typewriter Tim was in rare form and did some dj sets in between acts and also played some djembe on a couple O.R. songs. We got some great feedback on the new music that night from those who were there before the show began, as we had a intimate listening party for those in attendance that night. If you like, you can download this track from the STLMU Music Blog HERE, it was the 100th post. So, I was kind of proud of that! I’ve been real busy keeping the balance of things and I didn’t forget about the blog here, just been focusing on other things more. Thanks for the interest here, can’t wait to play with ASA in Kansas City down the road!


Arythma at Fubar

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Ockum’s Razor shared the stage with Arythma again, it had been awhile, this is some audio that I put with a snippet of their track “So Sick” that was also recently on the STLMU Music Blog. This show was a benefit for Stray Rescue. Check it:

The Rat Rod Kings

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The St. Louis Music Press site is being revamped and changes are happening there. So, these are just some pictures that I took of The Rat Rod Kings at The Crack Fox from this past fall. I have been making good use of my time off there adding to the STLMU music blog and running the Ockum’s Razor machine. Eat your heart out Tony! These are for you and your band mates. KDHX recorded them doing a live set there this fall too, here is the playlist and below are the pictures.

Rock U Fest 2011 is wrapped up!

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My last two articles that I wrote for the STL Music Press in promotion of the first annual Rock U Fest event that took place on Sat., Sept. 24th at Atomic Cowboy are as follows:

Review of Sicfaist‘s latest release “The Road Unknown

Review of Panic Attack‘s latest release “Deathpop

*For a complete listing of all the interviews that I did and that Angie did for the event, visit this link HERE.

*For a highlight feature on the Acoustic / Electronic stage, click HERE, for the highlight feature on the Foxhole stage, click HERE & for a highlight feature on the Main / Outdoor Stage, visit HERE. Kudos to Ricky for photographing 30 out of 39 acts in a 12 hr. period. Each feature also includes the playlist from Sound Cloud on each artist that submitted music. You can stream/download tracks there or you can download the compilation HERE .

Lyrics for the new stuff!

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I have been busy with lots of stuff lately, one thing being lyrics, so I thought I would post some of them that are not officially recorded as of yet.  These are all songs that are on the table, sort of speak, that Ockum’s Razor is rehearsing to perform starting this spring of 2011. Some I will provide my inspiration and or synopsis of/brief description about the song. In addition, I will add more that we are working on in the weeks to come, I am just stoked about the new ones that no one has heard before live. Technically, we have six new ones, but originally one was an acoustic track, ‘Secret Of The Way Things Are’. We also did an alternate version of it in a different key on the acoustic CD. This newest version we completely turned it upside-down and inside-out. It is an upbeat, full-band/electric version of the song and it rocks!

For lyrics to published, recorded O.R. songs visit:

© Copyright 2011 lyrics written by Chris Davis. -Unless otherwise noted.

The first one that I would like to share is entitled, ‘Nothing’s What It Used To Be‘ and it is the only song that the lyrics are not written by me. This is a song that Pat Burgart had written some words for and he shared his ideas with me. I liked the song and adapted it and put my own flare and style to it .

(Original OR drummer from 2002-2004 & now current drummer)

Ockum's Razor re-unite w/ Pat Burgart in 2011

Pathway to my twisted brain,
The only way I may contain,
I can’t control my roaming frame,
My guts are filled with bitter pain-
Laugh it off, pretend to care,
Feelings lost behind that stare,
No more left to give, so there,
Eyes leak sorrow, soul’s despair-
Crushed, battered, bruised and bent
Not quite so sure just what you meant,
Where, O’ where, has the passion went?
Temptation grabs the lies you lent-

Falling downward eternally,
Twisted, broken, O’ can’t you see?
Things may need to be set free,
Nothing’s what it used to be-

© Copyright 2011 lyrics written by Pat Burgart.

This next song’s lyrics are for another new one, it is called, ‘Teach Me How To Learn‘. It touches on the state of our education system from multiple points of view. I focus on the student and work my way up from there. Songs like this I find so much information on that I find impossible to include, so when I finish I am never happy with it to begin with, but once time goes on I see that I am just over-analyzing. Then I begin to like it. While brain-storming on subjects to write about, my friend Nils Rurack suggested the subject of the problems with the education system and the environment, I took him up on both ideas. Here is the first…

(Hey, hey, hey)  2x

We can put a man on the moon,
But we cannot even control our kids in their classroom,
(Hey, hey, hey)  2x
Listen up, kiddos, I’ve got news for you,
You can do what you want to do-
Reward or consequence?
There can only be one of the two,
Now that choice is up to you,
Help me, help you-
What is it that you ask of me?
I feel like I can barely breathe,
Let me help you-
Listen up, teachers, I’ve got news for you
I know, your job is hard to do,
Where’s the incentive?
There is only so much I can do?
Given their civil rights issue,
Touch me, I’ll sue you-
What is it with all these policies?
Out of date and out of reach,
Tell me, will you-
Teach me how to learn?
Show me how to do the best with what I am given,
Teach me how to learn,
I just want to find my place in this world-
(Hey, hey, hey)  x2
We can see the enrollment boom,
But we cannot even control the size of our classrooms,
Listen up, leaders,
We’ve got news for you,
Cooperate for the common good,
Offer alternatives-
To the districts that fight with the state,
You may do so, but innovate,
Tell me, will you-
Teach me how to learn?
Show me how to do the best with what I am given,
Teach me how to learn,
I just want to find my place in this world-

© Copyright 2011 lyrics written by Chris Davis.

The third song in this post is another new one, the third of five to be exact. It’s name is, ‘The White Horse And It’s Rider‘. This song can be confusing to some, so I decided to write a description about it, that is as follows:

In the spirit of truth, we look to faith or belief in something to uncover the mysteries of this world. The metaphor of the white horse and it’s rider is used to symbolize the first seal being opened in the book of Revelation. As the song progresses, the question is posed, “Where is the white horse with eyes of fire?” This symbolizes Christ’s return, mentioned towards the end of the book. He also rides a white horse. Many speculate on who is the first horseman of the apocalypse, however our personal faith does not include our own words or reasoning, which is why believers of the Christian faith should remain simple and pure in heart, free of speculation.

Spirit is the truth,

(Come!) – *Backing vox
As I looked before me, there was a white horse,
It’s rider held a bow, spreading illness with it’s arrow’s,
(Nikao!) -*Backing vox
Coming forth, conquering,
Coming forth-
(Nikao!) -*Backing vox-Note: Nikao is greek for the word, “Conquer”.

Faith cannot include our words or reasoning,
This is the mystery, our controversy,
(Come & See!) – *Backing vox
But in the end the song remains to be the same,
Simple and pure in heart, without speculating-
(Come & See!) -*Backing vox
White has been said to be the color of victory,
Haven’t you seen one of those old, cowboy movies?
(Stephanos!) – Backing vox -Note: Stephanos is greek for, “The victor’s crown”.

Entering BRIDGE:
Where is the white horse and it’s rider?
Where is the white horse with eyes of fire?
How long until apocalipsis is revealed? -Note: Apocalipsis is greek for, “An uncovering”.
The bane of mankind since the beginning of history-
(Nikao!) -*Backing vox-Note: Nikao is greek for the word, “Conquer”.
Coming forth, conquering,
Coming forth-
(Nikao!) – 4xs main vocal-Note: Nikao is greek for the word, “Conquer”.

The fourth new song is the second subject inspiration by my friend, Nils Rurack, this one touches on the environment. Here is my personal inspiration for the song, ‘Nebula‘ and it’s synopsis:
Inspired by the “Pillars Of Creation” photo taken by NASA from the Eagle Nebula. The word Nebula is from the Latin word for cloud, which is Nimbus.
They were originally referred to as galaxies, however, now the describe gas and dust clouds in space.
It is my belief that the world believes in love. Similar to these dust clouds many light years away, we too attempt to reflect “light” from those around us. We also have a destructive side, the inhabitants of earth contribute to many emissions that could potentially take responsibility for the destruction of our own kind and the planet we inhabit.

Seven billion can’t be wrong,
If we demand our very best to fight the outcome,

Now tell me how can we commit future generations to this?
Earth’s surface temperature climbing,
The sea level’s rising,
Ice caps melting,
Storms occur more frequent and intense,
Deserts broaden by the greenhouse effect

The world is derived from it’s resources,
The richer the diversity of life,
The greater the opportunity-

Controlled chaos surrounding me,
Never knowing what tomorrow will bring,
Oh, clustered in, this nebula-

Seven billion could be wrong,
The population’s growth is a serious problem,
Now tell me how can we prevent,
The environment from all of this?
Birds keep falling out of the sky,
Honey bees disappearing, oil spills aren’t helping,
What would happen if the dams just gave out?
And the same for the bridges from us driving about?

Our world can be derived from it’s machines,
The richer the economy,
The greater chance of catastrophe-

Controlled chaos surrounding me,
Never knowing what tomorrow will bring,
Oh, clustered in, this nebula-


The last of the five new one’s is called, ‘Manimal‘. It is is self-explanatory, I think:
The difference between, man and beast,
Lies solely within,
Yet, at times, we descend
To the level of the animal-
I cannot differentiate myself from the animal-
But then we realize that we,
Have a responsibility,
Such an a inherent part of our spiritual origin-
We can sit down to think,
About more than biological urgency,
We build, with an art,
Not of instinct, with more than rationale-
I cannot differentiate myself from the animal-
We speak with a language that involves,
A discursive way of thought,
We transmit ideas, institutions,
And culture for generations-
Anthropomorphise the animal inside,
Anthropomorphise this animal exercise- 2xs
We will crawl and we, we are manimal
We will crawl and we are the manimal-
(We’re manimals)
We are ingenious and we are destructive

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