Pictures I snapped at the Ockum’s Razor 10th Anniversary Show.

On August 18th of 2012, Ockum’s Razor celebrated it’s tenth anniversary at The Old Rock House. Kane from Indio Radio  came out and broadcasted live and that was nice of him and John to do. My buds in Reigning Heir put on a great show and it is always fun to do a concert with them. We go way back. I invited Connibal Road to play the show also. They rocked it too. This was their drummer’s last show. In addition, this was one of the last shows for R.H.’s drummer, as well. Thanks to my friend Shawn for taking the picture of Nicole and I and sharing that with me. Included in the video is a t-shirt we printed for this commerative celebration and the O.R. instrumental “Smooth As Eggs” plays in the back round. The young man in the pictures towards the end of the slideshow is named Eli. He is playing on the djembe. His father is Mike Robards. He had actually helped me put together my first “band” to put on a show and even played some rhythm guitar. Thanks for that, dude.


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