The Passion Of The Chris:

I have had a few friends of mine that have known me for quite a bit and they wanted a copy of this song, or that, I needed to find a way to share them easily. That is what initially spawned this blog. I figured out how Word Press works a little more and I put a Sound Cloud link on the right of this blog for easy reference and also a drop box for you to share songs for me to listen to, if you are also an artist and want to share your music and opinions like I am. It is free to use and very simple! If you happen to be an original music artist from the St. Louis Metro area or close to it, you can send me up to three tracks and I will post them for free download on the STLMU blog.  I just thought that it was time for me to create a place online to share my thoughts, experiences, analogies, music and whatnot. While uploading all of this I got to thinking about all the songs that never made it on an official recording due to various reasons. Lack of money, switching of band members, people living life, etc. There are so many songs unsung! Sort of speak. I did find one other disk that I was given by friend Trey, that he was nice enough to burn for me. It is some rare old stuff that he converted from tape to cd for me. I also have some other projects from the past that I also had to post.  The music posted below has info. about the group and members for each particular artist and song. If you look at the top of each playlist widget, notice the info. tab, click on it and the info.  will be there on the site. I recommend browsing through each playlist to read the info. about each group and the credits, etc. If you click on a particular song there, you will see it’s lyrics posted there too.  So, here it is, you demanded it! All of these downloads are free, enjoy!




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